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With recent changes in the planning system and more to follow it is now more important than ever to get it right first time !


With a particular specialism in the Development of the Rural and Historic Environment we can make the whole process much easier and less stressful and often save you significant money in the process !


Have you asked youself:


  1. Is planning permission really necessary or could you have been deemed to have been granted it ?
  2. What consents and submissions are necessary for your project
  3. How to avoid cowboy builders and escalating bills
  4. Implications of receiving and implementing permissions
  5. County and Local Plans and Policies and Government Statements
  6. Should I appeal against a refusal or enforcement notice, how do I do it and what time constriants are there ? What are the costs and what is the liklihood of winning.
  7. How do I combine the functional requirements of my proposal with the aesthetics desired ?
  8. What requirements might the local authority reasonably require and how can I circumvent unreasonable conditions.
  9. What are the implications of conditions.
  10. Will it be possible to implement the permission or have you obtained consent on something that cannot be built due to a failure of it being able to comly with building regulations. It is not the planners responsibility to verify this.


Obtaining Planning or Listed Buildings Consent is only the first of several hurdles that are necessary before your dream can become a reallity. It is important not to skimp in the hope of saving money, it nearly always turns out to be a false economy.

Planning  & Development Advice

Before: a redundant barn
and an eyesore in danger
of collapse
After: bespoke VIP offices
With a low carbon footprint